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SRCHC E-Learning
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page for the SRCHC Equity Learning Modules. This page includes information regarding both the modules and the Follow Up Sessions. You can read through all of the questions, or only the ones you’re interested in. 

Click the magnifying glass icon to search for your question, or click on one of the four tabs below to choose questions related to module access, general questions, follow up questions or troubleshooting.


If you’d like to connect with the team at Challenge Accepted who created the modules, reach out to them via email at


If you have a question regarding module completion status, or SRCHC Human Resources matters, please reach out to:


Mary Li

SRCHC Human Resources Administrator


Phone: (416) 461-3577, ext. 2226

  • How do I access the Modules?
    Click here to access the module landing page and start watching the modules. Reminder: We'd ask that you start by booking a follow up session date before viewing the modules.
  • What will I need to access the Modules?
    You will need the following equipment to access the modules: Computer / smartphone or other device with internet access Internet connection Speakers / headphones Pen & paper (Optional) printer to print your own copy of the participant handbook
  • Is this a Mandatory Training? What do I have to do?
    Yes. All SRCHC Staff are required to complete the three Equity Learning Modules (scoring 100% on each of the module quizzes), as well as attend one live, zoom-based Follow Up Session.
  • How long will it take to complete?
    It's estimated that staff will require around 3 hours to complete the modules (including quizzes). Some module activities are designed to allow staff to choose the length of their own reflection and engagement, meaning some staff may require more or less than 3 hours to complete the modules. The Follow Up Sessions will be one hour in length
  • Will time spent on the modules be considered part of my working hours?
    Yes, completing the modules is part of SRCHC’s professional development process, and is considered part of staff’s work at the centre. With this in mind, Managers will be asked to work with their teams to adjust scheduling to accommodate for up to 4 hours of module review time, and 1 hour to attend the Follow Up Session.
  • What’s the deadline for completion?
    All staff are asked to complete each of the 3 modules, and attend a follow up session before December 17, 2021
  • Why is this happening?
    The three online modules are designed to provide an introduction to topics of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at SRCHC, with a focus on Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression. Their creation is the result of SRCHC's request for external consultants to support organizational learning about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within the organization. The consulting firm Challenge Accepted has worked with SRCHC since 2019 with the goal of providing learning tools to support SRCHC staff in building capacity regarding these topics.
  • Were SRCHC staff engaged during the creation of this material?
    Yes, SRCHC staff have been engaged and involved at each stage of the project. These modules were created based on the information gathered by Challenge Accepted during the Equity Needs Assessment conducted in 2019, and with the input and feedback from SRCHC staff who participated in the Equity Training Working Group (Fall 2020). the Equity Training Review Committee (Summer 2021), as well as the Module Pilot (Fall 2021).
  • Where do I sign up for a Follow Up Session?
    Information on Follow Up Session signup is available on the main page, here. We’d encourage you to sign up for a follow up session as soon as possible.
  • Do I have to attend a Follow Up Session?
    Yes, all staff are expected to attend one Follow Up Session after completing the three modules. Exceptions will be made for Management staff who have already attended the 3-hour, Introduction to EDI session scheduled for early October, as this session will allow opportunities for follow up discussion regarding the module content.
  • Who will facilitate the Follow Up Session?
    The session will be facilitated by two of Challenge Accepted’s team of facilitators. You can read about our team here:
  • Who will be in my Follow Up Session?
    Follow up Sessions will be open to all staff. Session signup will be open to all staff on a first-come, first-served basis. You can expect staff from all SRCHC departments may be a part of your follow up session, allowing for opportunities to hear from each other and connect across teams. Leadership and management staff will not attend follow up sessions, as they’ve already participated in the 3-hour, Introduction to EDI session scheduled for early October. If you're interested in an identity-specific Follow Up Session we'd ask you to please complete the form found at the following link:
  • Can I attend more than one Follow Up Session?
    Possibly. The scope of this project allows for participating SRCHC staff to attend one follow up session. If you're interested in attending more sessions after attending your first one, please email us at
  • The Narration audio keeps stopping, why is this happening?"
    We’ve heard from a number of users that they’ve had errors with the narration stopping mid- sentence. To address this error we've made the majority of Narration manual, meaning you'll need to hover over the narration icon, which allows you to use the play/pause button and audio progress bar to play, pause or restart the audio where you left off.
  • How do I re-try my Quiz?
    If your looking to re-do your quiz (in order to score the mandatory 100%), you can do so by clicking the “Edit my response link.” You can do that one of two ways. On the Quiz Completion Screen - Once you’ve pressed submit on your quiz, Google Forms should show you a window thanking you for your quiz submission, as well as a button to “View Score”. If your score is below 100% you’ll want to close the “View Score” window, return to the previous quiz window, and click the link that says “Edit your response”. In the Quiz Confirmation Email - You can also go to your quiz confirmation email, which should be sent to the address you provided immediately after you submit your quiz response. If you can’t see the email, make sure to check your email spam folder. Once you’ve located the email, use the “Edit my response” link to re-open your quiz and change the answers. You can then re-submit the quiz to see how you did using the instructions in step 1 above.
  • I’m not seeing my quiz results in my email
    If it’s been over 10 minutes and you have not received a confirmation email we encourage you to follow each of these steps to see if any of them solve the problem: Double check your email inbox to make sure the response is not stuck in your “Junk” or “Spam” box. The sender will be named “Google Forms” with the address If the quiz window is still open, return there and confirm you’ve pressed the submit button. If the quiz window is still open, click the “View Score” button and scroll down to the Email field to check if you entered the correct email (e.g., your SRCHC email without typos). If you notice an error in the email, close this window and return to the previous quiz window. Click the “Edit your response” link to update your email address to the correct address. If none of the above work, please email for support, using the subject line “SRCHC Quiz Question”.
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