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Educator Solutions

Looking for transformative learning experiences 
for your school community? 

We Provide:

Our approach centres experiential education, first-voice narratives, and trauma-informed design. 

Experiential Education

  • Heavily participatory and supporting multiple learning styles

  • Multimedia, rooted in critical media literacy

  • Designed with connection to curriculum



  • Using real stories from the lives of our diverse team

  • Providing compelling media narratives to broaden perspective



  • Creating non-judgemental and safer learning space

  • Participant-centered, responsive and flexible to the diverse needs of learners

Workshops By Topic

Workshops By Topic

Leadership & Anti-Oppression

  • Equity & Inclusion in Education Practice

  • Territory Acknowledgement

  • ARAO & Inclusive Events

  • ARAO-Inclusive Workplaces

  • Level-up Your Lens: Intersectional Inclusion in GSA Spaces

  • Healing from Toxic Whiteness

  • Conflict/Crisis Management & Leadership

2SLGBTQI-Awareness & Inclusion

  • 2SLGBTQI 101

  • 2SLGBTQI Safer Spaces @ School

  • Level-up Your Lens: Intersectional Inclusion in GSA Spaces

  • Two-Spirit Allyship

  • Two-Spirit Peer to Peer Support​​

  • Trans & Non-Binary Awareness & Inclusion

  • Recruit & Retain Top 2SLGBTQI Talent

Body Liberation

  • EveryBODY is Valuable: Challenging Sizeism for Body Liberation

  • Robust Relationships: Unpacking Fatphobia and Sizeism for Heartier Connections

  • A Space at the Table: Unpacking the Social and Cultural Underpinnings of Disordered Eating

  • In the Thick of It: Challenging Fatphobia for Everyone’s Well-being

  • EveryBODY Belongs Here: (Dis)Ability Justice

Sexual Health, Relational Skills & Emotional Competency

  • Sex and Relational Ed for LGBTQ-ties & Their Friends

  • Queer Relationship Quandries: Navigating the Complexities of the Queer-o-sphere

  • Mental Health & Racism

  • Mental Health, Procrastination & Perfectionism

  • Trauma Informed Approaches to Mental Health

  • Suicide Intervention



Available Formats

  • Student Workshops for Elementary, Secondary & Post-Secondary (half & full day)

  • Educator/Staff Workshops for Elementary, Secondary & Post-Secondary (half & full day)

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Classroom & Full-School Presentations

  • Panel Discussions

  • Conference Planning Partnerships

  • Equity Consulting on:

    • School-climate improvements

    • Case-specific solutions

    • Policy analysis and development

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